Support the Old Meeting House

In the past, tithingmen walked the aisles of the Old Meeting House—tickling congregants awake with a foxtail or feather and, of course, passing the collection plate. Despite its importance to our community, this building has long struggled to secure sufficient funding.

Because this beautiful building has been so carefully restored and is continuously maintained, it may not appear to need financial assistance. But, sadly, that’s never been the case. Since the Old Meeting House does not receive funds from the Town of Francestown, we depend on gifts for its ongoing preservation.

The good news is that, in lieu of tithing, a variety of more contemporary funding opportunities are available today.


By becoming an annual member for $40 or more, you will make a renewable pledge that will greatly help us maintain and renovate the Old Meeting House.

In Memoriam

Honor your loved ones by protecting the legacy of the Meeting House and the impact it has had in your family. Your gift will ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy our beautiful building while creating cherished memories of their own.

General Donations

Become a proud supporter of our Meeting House with a one time donation that demonstrates your commitment to the preservation of our historical and cultural value.

Volunteer Opportunities

While the Old Meeting House of Francestown, Inc. depends on donations, many gifts—both past and present—have included time and skill as well as money. In the past, such gifts have included scraping and painting, winding the clock, providing refreshments, hosting a party before or after an event, and even creating decor for our building.

If you have an idea, a service you’d like to provide, or simply time to spare, please email or contact one of our Trustees to volunteer. Your contribution, large or small, will be greatly appreciated.

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